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  • What makes Bexar AT different from other clinics?
    Bexar AT strives to bring sports medicine approach as other sports medicine clinics but delivered in a patient centered manner with best clinical practices directed to the everyday San Antonio athlete. As athletes ourselves, we have experienced pain and injury, we know that many of us refrain from going to a see primary care doctor because we believe that to show up and say “it hurts when I run," they might just simply reply with “so stop running." This is not only a bad way to view modern medicine, but often leads to small pains becoming larger injuries. At Bexar Athletic Training we understand that no two athletes are created equal, and neither are your perspective injuries. We strive to help you manage your injury within your given athletic endeavor.
  • What’s the difference between Physical Therapy and Athletic Training? Are they the same thing?
    A physical therapist (PT) and athletic trainer (AT) have many similarities and differences. Both can see a patient, determine a differential diagnosis, and move forward with a plan of care within their scope of practice - but ATs and PTs often move with a different speed and approach depending on a few factors. For example, a PT that sees patients in a hospital after surgery is going to practice a more conservative approach than one working in a sports medicine setting. There are also a few more specialties within PT, such as neuro, spine and more. Like a PT in the sports medicine clinic, most ATs work in a sports setting striving to return athletes to sport, often within those sports active seasons. In addition, ATs also understand orthopedic injuries from an emergency management standpoint; these injuries are not often seen in real time for the PT. Ultimately, depending on setting and the specialty of a PT or AT – the care given can have varied differences. Both professionals exist to bring evidenced-based practices to a patient to return them to pre-injury or pre-trauma physical readiness, within their settings and scope.
  • How long will the injury recovery process take?
    No two injuries are the same... Ever! No two humans are the same (even with twins). The recovery process will depend on several factors, including severity of the injury, nature of the injury, and the nature of the individual. The latter is a tricky one. For example, it’s a fact that smoking slows down tissue healing (and so many other things we do daily). As we custom tailor an injury management plan for you as an individual, we will set goals to gradually return you to activity. Nothing is set in stone. If you are a slow healer, or life does what life does and we need an extra week, so be it. We will make the most of the week given. Now if you heal like "wolverine" and adapt quickly, then we can proceed as your body allows!
  • How do I pay?
    After you see your AT, you will receive a bill in your email from our system. In that bill, there will be a link for you to pay. You can use your FSA/HSA.
  • What do I wear?
    Rule one is be comfortable. Wear loose fitting comfortable clothing that allows a clear path to what ever body region we are working on. We will have towels and sheets available to make sure you are comfortable and your privacy is maintained as treatment progresses.
  • Do you all accept insurance?
    Bexar Athletic Training operates as a cash-based service. This may seem odd up front, but it means several good things. For starters, we're in everybody’s network. Also, since each session has a set price, this means it’s the same price no matter what treatments we elect. No surprises for a treatment type not being covered. Our goal is always to get you back to what you love as safely and quickly as possible, not milk your insurance for the maximum number of visits. Visit our About Page for a more detailed run of why we chose this payment model.
  • Do I need a referral to see Bexar?
    No. A referral is not needed. You can see us without issue. Now if you are working with another physician or physical therapist already, and would like to work with us, please let us know and as a professional courtesy, we will reach out to them and ensure we both have shared interest in your injury management. This is especially important if you are post-surgical. But you do not need a referral to see us.
  • How early can I see someone?
    You can see someone as early as you can book us. Whether it occurred last week or 10 minutes ago, we can see you. Post-surgical patients are the exception - we will have a different wait time before activity in this case. We can though start the conversation as soon as you would like.
  • How do I set-up an appointment
    Simply click on Schedule an Appointment anywhere on site to see a calendar of our availability and select a time. Included in the scheduling portal is is a space to let us know what is bugging you, and what area of town you are on. This will start an email train and we will nail down a day to meet at one of our spaces across the city.
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