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As an athlete, your passion is pushing your body to the limits - giving everything you have in a daily pursuit to be better.

Whether it's running the greenbelt, training for Rock N Roll San Antonio, combat sports, weight-lifting, CrossFit, or any other athletic endeavor - you live for physical activity and striving to be the best you can be.


An injury puts a wrench into all of that. All of a sudden, you're sidelined, out of commission, and out from doing what you love. You may even skip seeing your primary care doctor as you already know what he'll say - "if it hurts to run (or compete), stop running."


That's just a bad way to view modern medicine. That's where we come in.


Bexar Athletic Training was created to provide a more personal, convenient, and straight-forward athletic therapy option for the everyday San Antonio adult athlete. 

We take your pain seriously and pride ourselves in providing a 5-star, hyper-personalized therapy experience, all while educating you on how your body works.


If you're struggling with an injury, aches, or pains - or just looking to prevent injury - we're here for you. Book a session with us online or give us a call. We can't wait to serve you.

Meet Our Athletic Trainers


Dr. Jarod Spraggins,


My name is Jarod Spraggins. I am a local Bexar County pain junkie.


My first love is trail running but I am currently addicted to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I became interested in sports medicine and athletic training while working and running with training groups at the local Fleet Feet back in the day. This led me to shifting my life toward helping others achieve their goals.


I received my bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from our very own University of The Incarnate Word, where I now have the privilege of being an adjunct faculty. Developing my skills at Lackland Air Force Base taught me that everyone gets injured, even those not associated with collegiate or professional sports. It also allowed me to see the fundamental role that proper running played in all training.


While pursuing my Doctorate in Athletic training from Indiana State I developed a higher understanding for patient centered care and total body wellness.


In my own journey as a pain junkie, I ran a 30 miler - just because I turned 30 - rim to rim to rim at the Grand Canyon and have ran multiple (for some reason) Capitol to Coast relays, I have also been competing in local Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments with mixed results. This gives me a fair understanding of the stresses the body sees as we train. My wife Kristi is also currently bitten by the triathlon bug.


No one likes being told that they shouldn’t train, rather we all want to figure out how to do what we love without pain, not live without what we love. It is my desire to bring patient centered sports medicine strategies to you, the everyday athlete that isn’t a scholarship or professional athlete, to help you achieve total body wellness and achieve your personal training goals, without pain. #RunningDoesn'tHaveToSuck


- Jarod Spraggins, DAT, LAT, ATC


Dr. Matthew Murray,
Orthopedic Surgeon


Having worked under famed NFL and NBA ACL-injury extraordinaire, Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Matthew Murray is a true orthopedic sports medicine expert.

Dr. Murray specializes in surgery of athletic injuries of the upper and lower extremity and performs hundreds of routine arthroscopic procedures annually, including meniscus surgery, ACL reconstructions, labral repairs, rotator cuff repairs, and hip labral repairs.


Having spent four years as an assistant clinical professor at UT Health Science Center, Dr. Murray is also extremely experienced taking care of complex athletic knee and shoulder injuries.

In addition to being overseeing Doctor at Bexar, Dr. Murray is the team surgeon for the University of the Incarnate Word and Our Lady of the Lake University athletics teams.

In recognition of his career-long dedication to athletes, Dr. Murray was selected a Healthcare Hero by the San Antonio Business Journal in 2016. He was also selected as a Top Orthopedic Surgeon in San Antonio in 2020 and 2021.

A native South Texan born and raised in McAllen, Dr. Murray enjoys spending time with his wife and two children and hunting in South Texas when he is not working.

Visit Dr. Murray's Ortho-San Antonio bio, here.

Why Cash-Based?

We are a cash practice with a fee-to-pay model. Contrary to popular belief, out-of-pocket expenses over the course of your recovery are typically less with our model than with traditional insurance practices!

How so? Since insurance firms are for-profit businesses, they usually control the type and scope of treatments provided - and for how long the recovery lasts - despite what you may really need.

This leads to more appointments than what in reality is required, packed with high waiting-room times, and rushed sessions (only a small percentage of sessions are spent with a certified PT). Many times you'll be matched with a new therapist every week.

This is all assuming your deductible is already met and is not to mention the time, gas, and time spent traveling to and from the clinic.

Talk about a headache. Bexar Athletic Training was launched to provide a more convenient sports therapy option for the everyday athlete seeking a simpler, straight-forward, yet more robust and personal therapy experience.

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